12th September, 2020 release

Bump SPl to 2020-09-05
Add back increasing ring feature
QS panel opacity
aapt2: do not use compression
Revert "Let's cut Max Excape Animation in Half"
Remove useless png and add vector drawable
Remove "storage type" preference from Settings
soong: Forbid arm-linux-androidkernel-as and arm-linux-androidkernel-ld
mkdtboimg: Sanitize dt filename
mkdtboimg: Allow specifying full path for dtb
Fix CDM.requestNotificationAccess() in profile.
netd: Sort and cache hosts file data for fast lookup
kernel: Use CPATH for including host headers
Revert "base: revert all caf telephony related commits"
Revert "base: view: Speed things up!!"
aosip: sepolicy: Label legacy GNSS service
gnss-legacy: Bring back Beidou
gnss-legacy: Bring back GLONASS
gnss: Rename to legacy
interfaces: Import GNSS 1.0 HAL from hardware/interfaces
lineage/interfaces: add powershare HAL

4th September, 2020 release
base: Add support to disable h265 on screenrecorder
EdgeBackGestureHandler: Handle all exceptions with WindowManagerService
FingerprintManager: return "Try again" by default
RecordingActivityMonitor: remove spam from death events
Don't send interaction hint for unnecessary events
Calm down attention service logspam
SystemUI: Fix SystemUI failed to go to doze issue
Always set deprecated Build.SERIAL to UNKNOWN
Enable boot/bootloader/radio version checks
Permissions: Stop auto-granting location to system browsers
Notifications: Make USB-Debugging notification less important
Notification: Fix no icon shown for data limit notification
OwlsNest: String fixups
OwlsNest: Move pulse to System category
Revert "base: view: Speed things up!!"
Revert "Let's cut Max Excape Animation in Half"
aapt2: do not use compression
Settings: use style ActionPrimaryButton for buttons
Settings: restyle that horrible sim select dialog