4th June, 2020 Release

June security patch
Allow to show battery percentage on Quick Settings statusbar
Fix incall vibration category title
Cleanup some battery options code
Fix log spam in lockscreen when enabling show battery percentage
Fix signal icon padding when using Hidden style of battery
Switch to LineageOS Recovery for devices that build their own recovery
Translation import and fixes
Accept Linux GPT partitions on external SD cards
Fix the group permissions of the sdcard root.
Mount ext4/f2fs portable storage
Support internal storage partitions
Fix fsck on public volumes
Add support for more filesystems for public storage
Fix the overflow issue in Checkpoint
Consistently use CLOCK_MONOTONIC for timing encryption
Skip setting rootfs block as ro during mount_all in recovery
Go back to standard adb root prop
Support wait-for- with multiple states in adb
Run init property service in a thread
Add error handling for init in control message
Autodetect filesystem type
Make adb use a custom prop for adb root
Add adb_root daemon and hooks
Fix NPE if default supervisor is not defined
netd: Allow devices to force-add directly-connected routes
Updater updates:
- Only cancel notification if update isn't installed
- Remove dialog before showing a new one and when detaching
- Delete updates only after refreshing the notification
Add dark mode support for Alert Dialog
Include chromium-webview
Some Sepolicy fixes

The following are only applicable to our Official (non-Gapps) builds:
AOSP Dialer Updates:
- Fix Failed to show hold call when user click swap and merge simultaneously
- Fix FATAL Exception in PostCallActivity
- AOSP/Dialer - Fix improperly formatted resource string in Dialer across many languages.
- Fix the issue that automatic mute state remains ON after adding VT call
- Fix error case which session change request failed when pausing video
- Fix for button flickering issue when video call screen rotates
- Fix to update peer dimensions when video screen resumes foreground
- Fix issue that the hold label is not shown during remote video holding
- Fix preview image overlaps a call button during video call
- Dialer: allow framework to do dark theming automatically
- Updated target SDK from 28 to 29.
- Dialer: Remove old dark theme
AOSP Contacts updates:
- Updated to sdkVersion 29.
- Contacts: manually configure dark theme for list
- Contacts: allow framework to do dark theming automatically
- Contacts: use white nav bar
- Contacts: Remove current dark theme
AOSP Messaging updates:
- Remove current dark mode
- Messaging: disable auto dark theming on message bubble
- Messaging: allow framework to do dark theming automatically
- Rescheduling pending messages after outside window failure
- Fix NPE on MultiConversationNotificationState
- Hide APN prefs if platform APIs are used
- Fix to show APN prefs correctly
- Fix NPE
- Handle delivered messages as completed messages
- Messaging: bump target SDK version to 29
- Messaging: Fix sysconfig whitelist filename
- Dismiss SnackBar when detached
- Fix assert fail during onSaveInstanceState()
- Messaging: Show quick reply choices only on wearable devices
- Fix WindowLeaked issue on AttachmentPreview
- Fix undesirable ripple effect on GalleryGridView
- New interface to pick a contact as attachment
- ProcessPendingMessagesAction works based on subscriptions
- Allow intent shared subject or title to be mms subject
- Update runner to AndroidJUnittest
- Support audio attachments through GalleryMediaChooser
- Support video attachments through GalleryMediaChooser
- Show attachments size during composing MMS
- Do not show the fail icon for a group conversation
- Actual attachments size is the minimum size except images
- Allow acceptable media types only for sharing
- Support sharing with image/video/audio/vcard and text fully
- Messaging: Handle multiple participants in custom notifications
- Fix android.os.strictmode.LeakedClosableViolation
- Register implicit broadcasts at runtime for updating widgets
- Fix to show PersonItemView for TYPE_CHOOSER_GRID correctly
- Fix covering issue for video thumbnails on widget view
- Fix wrong margin on widget conversation view
- Fix showing wrong image on document picker item

- Update blobs to June patch