4th August, 2020 release

August 2020 security patches
LatinIME theme updates
Fix freeform window moving/resizing doesn't work
package_whitelist: Whitelist QCOM FMRadio
Restore some fonts back to previous styles
Revert "Fix action bar font family on material themes"
Fix navbar when IME space is hidden
Update AOD title string
Fix theme for PostCallActivity
Dialer: Set default call recording audio source to VOICE_CALL
DeskClock font, icon updates and some fixes
Phone ringtone setting for Multi SIM device
SystemShortcut: Add uninstall option
A lot of launcher updates (for the non gapps builds)
Add protected apps in launcher
Fix action bar font family on material themes
Active Edge / Motion Sense cleanup

- Add 90hz option, fix 60hz mode as well
- Switch to QCOM BT stack
- Increase thermal mode interval, should improve battery a bit

5th August hotfix build
- Fix refresh rates